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For centuries the world has wondered what to believe about Russia. The country has been reported variously as a land of unbelievable riches and indescribable poverty, cruel tyrants and great minds, generous hospitality and meddlesome bureaucracy, beautiful ballets and industrial monstrosities, pious faith and unbridled hedonism. These eternal Russian truths coexist in equally diverse landscapes of icy tundra and sun-kissed beaches, dense silver birch and fir forests and deep and mysterious lakes, snow-capped mountains and swaying grasslands – those famous steppes. Factor in ancient fortresses, luxurious palaces, swirly spired churches and lost-in-time wooden villages and you’ll begin to see why Russia is simply amazing.
To get the most from Russia, head way off the beaten track. After taking in old favourites such as dynamic Moscow, historic St Petersburg and beautiful Lake Baikal, dive further and deeper into the largest country in the world. Visit the soft, golden sands of the old Prussian resort of Kranz, now known as Zelenogradsk in the far western Kaliningrad Region; the charming Volga river village of Gorodets, home to folk artists and honey-cake bakers; fascinating Elista, Europe’s sole Buddhist enclave and location of the wacky Chess City; the 400-year-old mausoleums of Dargavs, a North Ossetian ‘city of the dead’; or the hot springs of Kamchatka’s Nalychevo Valley in the Russian Far East.
Russia’s vast geographical distances and cultural differences mean you don’t tick off its highlights in the way you might those of a smaller country; the Russian Far East, for example, is the size of Europe. A more sensible approach is to view Russia as a collection of countries, each one deserving exploration. Rather than transiting via Moscow, consider flying direct to a regional centre such as Irkutsk to have an Eastern Siberian vacation, or to Yekaterinburg to explore the Urals mountain range.
If cultural and architectural highlights are what you’re after, stick to European Russia, which is all of the country west of the Urals. If you don’t mind occasionally roughing it and are in search of Russia’s great outdoors, train your eye on the vast spaces of Siberia and the Far East. Alternatively, boost your adrenaline on the country’s top ski resorts and raft-friendly rivers. You can also get a bird’s eye view of it all from the cockpit of a MiG-25 or even from outer space, as well as unique experiences such as getting a beating in a banya (traditional steam bath).

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New York City!

Welcome to the city that never sleeps! New York City is composed of five boroughs: Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, and of course, Manhattan. Each borough has its benefits in its own unique way, we're going to explain each one of them, but first we're gonna talk about New York City in general.
          New York is the most populous city in the United States and the center of the New York Metropolitan Area, one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world. New York exerts a significant impact upon global commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment. The home of the United Nations Headquarters, New York is an important center for international diplomacy and has been described as the cultural capital of the world. The city is also referred to as New York City or the City of New York to distinguish it from the state of New York, of which it is a part.
        We will start taking about Brooklyn. Looking for an average place to live, nice, beautiful and affordable? Well, don´t go looking for the expensive apartments at Manhattan's Upper East Side, because Brooklyn is a very nice place to live. Located at only 45 minutes from Manhattan, Brooklyn is a nice choice for apartment seeking.Brooklyn is known for its cultural, social and ethnic diversity, an independent art scene, distinct neighborhoods and a distinctive architectural heritage. It is also the only borough outside of Manhattan with a distinct downtown neighborhood. The borough features a long beachfront and Coney Island, established in the 1870s as one of the earliest amusement grounds in the country.
       Now lets ride the metro and travel all the way to Queens! Queens is geographically the largest borough and the most ethnically diverse county in the United States,and may overtake Brooklyn as the city's most populous borough due to its growth. Historically a collection of small towns and villages founded by the Dutch, today the borough is predominantly residential and middle class.Queens is the site of Citi Field, the home of theNew York Mets, and annually hosts the U.S. Open tennis tournament. Additionally, it is home to two of the three major airports serving the New York metropolitan areaLaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport.
       Now here's were I don't want to be... you got to be careful over here, we are visiting The Bronx. The Bronx is New York City's northernmost borough, the location of Yankee Stadium, home of the New York Yankees, and home to the largest cooperatively owned housing complex in the United States, Co-op City.Except for a small section of Manhattan known as Marble Hill, the Bronx is the only section of the city that is part of the United States mainland. It is home to the Bronx Zoo, the largest metropolitan zoo in the United StatesThe Bronx is the birthplace of rap and hip hop culture. Not to mention that crime here is incredibly high!
      Staten Island is the most suburban borough. Its is the most comfortable place to live with your family, especially with your kids. In reality, nothing else to say from here, so lets take the metro all the way to MANHATTAN ISLAND.
      Fifth Avenue, expensive and beautiful stores, sounds like the perfect place for you!!!! Fifth Avenue is just one of the many places to buy in Manhattan. Once you step in Manhattan, you will never want to leave from there. Let's not forget also that the Empire State Building (highest building in all New York) is there, with almost 102 floors. Want to watch something entertaining? Lets go to Broadway, and 7th avenue, and visit the best theater in all Manhattan, the Radio City Music Hall. We got something big near too...it's Times Square! Stores, Theaters, Big Screens, people, and restaurants, we have all of this at Times Square. It is better to go there at night, believe me you will be amazed...and a lot! Also we have something very near too...The Rockefeller Center, a perfect place to look for stores and to shop. If you're wealthy enough, you can look for a place to live at the Upper East Side, with a perfect view to Central Park, which by the way it is a perfect place to spend relaxing an afternoon. And lets not forget the perfect symbol, located at Liberty Island...The Statue of Liberty. The only way to get there is by ferry, and you have to make a huge line under the sun...but it's worth the shot in the end :) 
    So, make up your mind, and if you're looking for shopping and getting to know new things in your life, get a plane ticket all the way to Manhattan to enjoy life at New York, and please do not forget to buy your I <3 NY t-shirt.


We have to start our first post. We will dedicate this post to China. Ashley went to China last summer and by her comments about it, this must be a great idea for a trip. So why don't we start with some facts about China? Here are some:

-50% of counterfeit goods come from China
-China is the fourth largest country in the world.
-Red is considered a lucky color in China.

You probably are asking yourself what are you going to visit at China. Well there are some interesting and amazing places where you can go, for example The great Wall of China that runs from east to west through all the north of China. Also you can go visit cities like Hong Kong and Beijing, where you can visit the Forbidden City and the Beijing National Stadium, and in Hong Kong you can visit the beautiful skyscrapers all over the city, just go to the roof of one and have a nice view of the city. So you guys think about it, China is such a wonderful place to visit and it is a great idea for your next trip. If you have made your choice, then I can just tell you to have a nice trip!